Reckless Spending Not Always the Reason for Major Debt Problems

Like many other Louisiana residents, you have likely gone through times in life where you fell into the habit of spending more money than you earned. Out of control spending habits is definitely one causal factor that often leads to serious debt. However, it’s certainly not the only reason your financial train may be thrown off its tracks; in fact, it may not even be one of the most common reasons people in America cite as to why they suffered a financial crisis at one time or another.  

Most financial problems are resolvable. It often depends on how much you know about debt relief options and what type of support is available to you to help you pay back debt and rebuild a strong financial foundation. To avoid similar crises in the future, it might help to review some of the issues related to high debt rates in the U.S. 

Medical expenses 

Have you recently undergone a surgical procedure or sought treatment in an emergency room for yourself or a close family member? Especially if you are going through a time where repeated medical visits are necessary, your finances may take a serious hit when medical bills start piling up. Even if the medical care you have received was planned, as opposed to an emergency, you still may find yourself faltering financially if you’re unable to meet medical expenses. 

Vehicle repairs 

Unless you use public transportation to get to work every day, you likely rely heavily on your vehicle to commute to your workplace or get your children where they need to go for school, sports and social events. If your car breaks down, fixing it is no doubt a high priority. The problem is that even minor car repairs can be quite expensive. Such unforeseen costs are often enough to topple your financial scales in an unfavorable direction.  

High credit interest rates 

Perhaps the only means you had for covering costs related to medical care or car repairs was to use your credit card for payment. You may have had the best intentions to pay off the balance by the end of the monthly cycle. That’s not always possible, however, and successive unpaid credit card balances can lead to increased interest rates that compound already existing financial problems.  


Try not to lose hope if you are currently facing a serious financial crisis. There are often options available that can help you obtain immediate debt relief. Many Louisiana residents choose to seek experienced debt relief guidance rather than try to go it alone to come up with viable plans to pay back debt and lay the groundwork for stronger financial futures.  

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