Avoiding Repossession Debt

Legal Help Keeping Your Car From Being Repossessed

When you took out your mortgage or a bank loan to finance your car, boat or other vehicle, the bank used that vehicle as collateral for the loan. You agreed to make payments on time or the bank had the right to repossess the item.

If you are concerned about your current debt amount, talk to an experienced bankruptcy lawyer at Edwin M. Shorty Jr. & Associates, in New Orleans. We will explain why it is always a good thing to avoid repossession debt if you can, and what to do to avoid repossession if you are already juggling payments from month-to-month.

Our attorneys have been helping individuals and families in New Orleans and throughout south Louisiana get a fresh start from debt and avoid car repossession and foreclosure for more than 13 years. We serve clients in New Orleans and Metairie. Call us today at 504-207-1370.

If You’re Juggling Payments, You’re Not Alone

If you have been unable to keep up with the monthly payments on your car, it may because other credit card debt has piled up. It is not unusual for people to juggle their mortgage, car loan, credit card payments and other bills for many months until something happens and the juggling can’t be maintained. When that happens, banks are quick to threaten repossession of the vehicle.

Call Us — Let Us Show You How To Stop The Bank From Repossessing Your Car

Before you juggle one more monthly bill or answer that letter from the bank threatening car repossession, talk to a lawyer on our team. Call us at 504-207-1370 or send an email requesting a free initial consultation.

We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.

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