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Taking measures to increase your safety as a pedestrian

Every motor vehicle accident has the potential to end in disaster, perhaps especially those that involve pedestrians. With a significant reduction in protection among other modes of travel, if you choose to travel via the sidewalk, you might have some concerns about your safety.

With increases in safety measures, such as marked crosswalks and walk signals at traffic lights, you might feel as though the odds of an accident may be relatively low. However, all it takes is one negligent act or decision on the part of a driver to seriously endanger the health of a pedestrian, and traffic laws may unfortunately do little to stop this from happening.

 Identifying the risks of walking near traffic

With your health on the line, you may be wondering what you can do to prevent such a potentially devastating incident. Although avoiding every accident could prove challenging at best, taking certain measures could go a long way in helping you avoid a pedestrian-related collision, and some crucial areas to consider could include the following:

  • Understand traffic laws:  Having knowledge of Louisiana traffic laws is generally advisable, and could help you gain an understanding of proper safety procedures for walking near traffic, as well as potential scenarios to avoid in the process.
  • Increase visibility:  As a pedestrian, you are inherently more difficult to spot than other vehicles, and finding ways to increase your visibility, such as wearing bright or reflective clothing, could help you avoid a potential catastrophe.
  • Awareness of traffic:  Having constant awareness of nearby traffic could help you spot any potential dangers, and allow you time to remove yourself from harm's way.
  • Avoid distractions:  Distraction is dangerous among drivers, but it can also be detrimental to pedestrians, as taking your focus off the path ahead, as well as nearby vehicles, could be risky at best.

You may also find it beneficial to gain an understanding of some of the more prevalent causes of pedestrian accidents, such as the dangers of poorly marked crosswalks and dimly lit areas. However, even with the best of preparations, avoiding a sudden and unexpected move by a nearby vehicle can be extremely difficult, potentially leaving you to suffer the consequences.

Pursuing compensation for injuries

Collisions involving pedestrians can be exceedingly dangerous and have a higher chance of ending in serious injuries, or worse. If the negligent actions of another party cause you to suffer severe harm, you could be facing extensive medical costs, potentially sparking a need to pursue financial restitution. Since the process can be challenging to navigate alone, seeking guidance in the initial stages could help you prepare to pursue the compensation to which you're entitled to receive through a claim against the party or parties deemed at fault.

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